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About us


About Us

“ARÔMS NATUR, the cosmetics that rely on our nature, springs from the need to go back to the essentials.”
Esther Saiz
Founder of ARÔMS NATUR®

“Beauty expresses itself, sublimates, when you decide to be yourself, while empowering yourself you open up to life, without limits, unconditionally…”
Maribel Saiz
Founder of ARÔMS NATUR®

Then you discover the authentic beauty lies in taking care of yourself in harmony and connection with nature, with the elements…

The concept and cosmetics of ARÔMS NATUR® spring from the fusion of the elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. A holistic view arising from the essentials and the connection with nature.

ARÔMS NATUR® is the result of women’s empowerment to globally express the power of our beauty, that connects with our inner life, with the purest nature, contained in our natural biocosmetics.

Our cosmetics bring you closer and connect you with your inner nature by balancing your elements, transform you and raise your beauty to the greatest power.


We listen to nature working in synergy



Knowledge and respect for natural raw materials




Brilliance and perfection




Imagination, communication and feelings



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Opinions about us

Nueva estética

“A unique methodology”
This brand has designed several protocols in line with its company philosophy: always respecting skin’s biology and understanding skin as a living organ. These room treatments have been carefully developed following the nutricosmetics principles, which act providing inner well-being and restoring vitality and energy to the skin.
ARÔMS NATUR designs all products according to a holistic view of beauty. Apart from exclusive cosmetics, they offer a wide range of nutricosmetics, that allow professionals to maximize results in their room treatments. In addition, the results of these treatments are visible from the first session due to the high concentration of active ingredients in their products.

Nueva estética – A beauty, fashion, esthetics and medicine magazine


We are really happy with your positive comments on the STOP CELULIT PACK of Arôms Natur. :-) Thank you for your satisfying opinions by WhatsApp! We know that figure and cellulite are delicate issues and that there are no magic formulas or wands to solve them in 2 days… But if you are determined to do it, you change your diet, you do exercise, you tone saggy areas, you receive a good massage with a good oil and you take an herbal preparation… You get visible results!


Gladys Soler

From the first day I used your products, I noticed my skin was brighter, softer and firmer. I’d like to point out that after this treatment I’ve noticed that my skin has “returned to normal”. I mean that it isn’t dehydrated anymore or so sensitive as it was some months ago… So, I don’t know if it’s a just a coincidence, but my experience with Lift & Firming has marked a milestone, which is very positive for my skin.

Gladys Soler. Journalist.

Marta Rodie

Hi, sweeties! This morning I’ve visited the facilities of @aromsnatur. I’m in love with their phyto-cosmetics, all natural and top quality products, and with their philosophy…

Marta Rodie. Influencer.