The mask has become an essential complement to go out on the street and we have become aware of how necessary it is to take care of our health, but despite the fact that we already consider it our best ally, our skin has not yet become accustomed to it.

The continued use of the mask and the fact of wearing it for many hours affects our skin and many people have begun to experience redness, itching in contact areas and acne, among others. Depending on our skin type, we can be affected by different problems.

But, why do these problems appear?

On the one hand, the friction and pressure of the mask can cause irritation and lead to the loss of water from the area that is covered, it can also appear tightness and even scaling, what makes our skin more sensitive.

On the other hand, there is a microclimate inside the mask, with excess humidity and microorganisms of waste, which facilitates the proliferation of acne, already known as maskne.

Knowing this, how can we prevent the effects of wearing mask? 

We give you some tips to improve the relationship between your skin and masks:

  • - Apply the correct technique to remove the mask without touching the inside.

  • - Do not reuse the mask, throw it away or wash it.

  • - Avoid touching the mask too much.

  • - Before and after using the mask, clean the skin with soft, soothing products indicated for your skin type.

  • - Refresh the area with hydrolats.

  • - Apply moisturizing cream 20 minutes before putting on the mask.

  • - Apply 100% natural shea butter on the areas that rub against you to avoid further friction.

  • - Use purifying and balancing serums of the sebaceous gland.

  • - Put few drops of specific essential oils on the peaks of the mask to breathe better.

Now you already know all the secrets to get rid of the problems of wearing mask. Follow our advices and see the results by yourself!