Christmas means meetings with friends and family, happiness and memories... But also, meals, dinners and a lot of excesses!

As we already know that we are going to increase kilocalorie intake during these days due to sweets and heavy meals, this year we have decided to take care of ourselves before Christmas. How? We make it really easy with this Advent Calendar.

You have 45 days to do it!

Our calendar is divided into 3 phases of 15 days. Each one has a very specific objective to be reached with two nutricosmetics and a healthy and active lifestyle.

Phase 1: Detoxify and satiate

  • Activ Depure will help detoxify and eliminate toxins that we accumulate.
  • Lipocrom is the nutricosmetic that will help us feel satiated, especially in the first days when we have reduced the kilocalories in our diet.

Phase 2: Reduce volume

  • Stop Celulit will drain and purify the lymphatic system and will also reduce our cellulite.
  • Reducteur will help eliminate fatty deposits.

Phase 3: Eliminate fat

  • Lipoforte, thanks to the power of decaffeinated green coffee and the wide range of ingredients of its formulation, it will help you reduce weight and increase muscle mass.
  • Drenative: is perfect for burning, draining and eliminate fat.

Join our healthy challenge!

Do not hesitate to go to your closest reference beauty center and join our Advent Calendar. Your trustworthy professional will guide and advise you during these 45 days to achieve the best results.

Start on 10th of November and get ready for these holidays!